Property management is an extremely competitive industry, with tons of inventory and various options for prospective tenants. Historically, landlords would depend mainly on print and outside signage to fill up vacancies, a trend that has dramatically shifted to web and posting on leading listings sites today. Most operations will certainly attest to the tremendous amount of time spent on creating ads multiple times on multiple websites . Endless time is wasted adjusting pricing or content on all of these channels, which inspired us to do something about it. Luckily we have designed an extremely effective new way of distributing vacancies and allowing landlords to shift focus from posting to renting.


Multi-channel listings syndication

In order to get maximum visibility for your ads, you really need a presence on numerous sites. A huge benefit of Domum Link’s marketing module is that you create your ad just one time, leaving the distribution to us! If you wish to modify the content of the ad or adjust the asking price, same story, make the change one time and we will automatically push the updates to all channels.We have structured syndication partnerships with many of Canada’s leading listings channels such as and have a target of adding 2-3 new ones every month.


Automated ad content creation

Our experience has shown us that many rental operations are so busy that they may not have enough free time to put together a proper ad. Domum Link’s ad content generator puts together a very effective ad for users with limited input and effort.


Optimize what is posted and when

Different operations have different preferences as to what they want to post and when it should be posted. Whether your priority is to only list units of different sizes, price ranges, or cap the amount of posted units for a given property, we’ve got you covered! Our property management dashboard will solve the above problems for you in real-time by dynamically adding and removing ads according to your priorities.


Performance analytics

Understanding which channels, units, properties, or price points are best performing is an extremely challenging task. Use our beautiful real-time dashboards to analyze and decide how to price your units and optimize the spending of marketing dollars. For example, we can help give you a major competitive advantage by showing you the best time and day to bump up your ads on Kijiji.

Written by Jonathan Margel – CEO @ Domum Link

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