Let’s say you bought a subscription to an amazing property management software thinking it will simplify your life and scale your business to new heights. However, reality set in quickly, and nobody at your company, none of your tenants, and no employees bought into your vision. Now you are stuck with another useless software subscription that is going to rot in accounts payable forever.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your employees and tenants are receptive to new property management software before you make the big purchase:

1. Turn your new technology launch into an event

  • Generate buzz in the company using the help of your marketing team: Companies like Domum Link provide their clients with marketing materials that can be sent to clients via email, print, phone and text messages.
  • Make everyone stop work and attend the launch event: Make the event interactive with drinks and food, of course.
  • Show employees real life examples of how the new technology will make their lives easier: Software companies usually have case studies showcasing clear ROI that can convince users to change habits and adopt new technology.
  • Offer swag: Hats, shirts, pens, and more.


2. Keep advertising new technology over a few months

  • Put posters everywhere and door hangers in all buildings: Print high quality ads with QR codes and links sending people to the signup and tutorials. This is standard onboarding procedure for all Domum Link clients, big or small.
  • Send out email blasts with reminders to use the software: Links to quick start tutorials in the emails will help tremendously.
  • Keep it going for multiple days: Keep hosting smaller workshops and tutorial sessions over time with the software vendor to onboard employees and tenants on their own timeframe.

3. Offer multiple training sessions

  • Have weekly training sessions that are recorded and broadcast;
  • Conduct weekly surveys to gather user feedback, incorporating it into training;
  • In-person trainings;
  • Online tutorial videos;
  • Emails with tips and tricks; and
  • Offer up as much support as is needed.

4. Lead by example

Company wide adoption becomes a lot easier when management walks the talk. Ensure the management team is using the software already before rolling it out to the entire team.


5. Ipad in lobby

Put a computer or an IPad in the lobby of the building and have tenants and employees login for their maintenance requests.

6. Incentivize tenants with:

  • Reduced rent for the first month by $10-$15;
  • Gift card for a local restaurant;
  • Vacation raffle; and / or
  • Tickets to a local show.

7. Make it simple

Even if you incorporate just a few of our suggestions above, you’ll affirmatively increase adoption of the property management software. Make sure that the software vendor you chose is willing to collaborate with you every step of the way.

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Written by Haseeb Tahir – Director @ Domum Link

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