Our solutions

The entire tenant management lifecycle in one place.

Core platform

Centralize all your properties on a cloud platform that can scale as your business grows.

You’ll also benefit from the ability to use it across our other products as your needs grow.

Leases & Payments

Keep a close eye on tenant balances, who’s moving in, upcoming renewals and much more.


Import past, present and future tenant information, including leases for easy access.

Rental spaces

Custom-model your units and their associated parking spots and storage spaces.

Source of truth

Input your space details and documents in one place, allowing you to use that information across all our other services.

Cross-platform friendly

Our platform is compatible with all mobile browsers and devices. Enjoy the freedom of managing your properties from home, on vacation, or on the go!



Spend less time searching for leads, and more time renting to them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Our platform updates your ads and posts them on several of the most popular classified ad sites across Canada, so you don’t have to.

Automated listings

Once a space is vacant, we’ll list it automatically for you. Once it’s leased, we’ll replace your ad with the next vacant unit in order of priority with the help of our sophisticated algorithms.

Multi channel listings streaming

Set up your ad once and it will get streamed to multiple listing websites in no time.

Our listing partners

Automated company & building websites

Gone are dull designs and hosting hangups. With Domum Link’s user-friendly, customizable templates, creating a beautiful website to showcase your spaces has never been easier.

Insights & Analytics

Unlock your business’s full potential by accessing easy-to-interpret key analytics, such as ad channel performance vis-a-vis lead ratios.

Online Payments

A more streamlined and efficient way to collect rent for both you, and your tenants.

Reduce number of cheques you have to process and reduce the handling of cash.

Automated rent reminders

Option for tenants to receive reminders when their rent is due or still outstanding.

Online payment processing

Compatible with one or multiple bank accounts, users can choose from the supported debit and credit options, such as Visa and Mastercard.

Secure, reliable and managed

Rest easy knowing that you’re trusting a world-class payment provider– we handle all the technical stuff.

Web & Mobile Convenience

Tenants can securely pay from anywhere via the web or on our native iOS and Android applications


An all-in-one solution to help you stay organized and maintain trustworthy relationships with your tenants.

One tool to manage your team the right way conveniently in the palm of your hands. Resolve tenant issues and dispatch employees in seconds via automated emails, SMS, phone calls and more.

Collaborative issue management

Assign issues to your team and communicate directly with tenants while gaining key insights into your team’s performance.

Automated unit access request

Once maintenance is scheduled, automatically send an advance-entry notice for a given time, ensuring your tenant is no stranger to strange visits.

Tenant Portal

Give tenants the service they deserve. Tenants can send maintenance requests and communicate with management with ease. Keep tenants informed by sending important building updates and memos.

Team map

With Team Map, speed up response time by checking which team member is within closest proximity of the job.


Synchronize your data automatically.

Connect services to streamline your workflow, sync data, and grow your business.

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