It’s no secret that both collecting and depositing rental payments are a huge pain for any landlord or property management operation today. Many tenants share in this frustration in having to spend extra fees ordering cheques, withdrawing and handling large sums of cash and delays at rental offices. It’s time for landlords to ditch old methods of accepting rents on the first of the month and to start taking advantage of new online rental payment opportunities.

1. Cut down on time spent processing rents

It’s downright time consuming to make daily deposit runs to the bank; not to mention, spending endless hours collecting and processing rents each and every month. Domum Link has designed an easy to use tenant portal that enables tenants to submit online rental payments from anywhere, at anytime. Payment options include credit, debit card, Interac, and ACH/chequing account transfer.

2. Offer your tenants better payment options

Whether it’s easily splitting rent with roommates, being able to pay anywhere in the world and at any time of day, or providing a handful of new rental payment options, tenants will certainly appreciate added convenience. Tenants can accumulate points with their favorite card as well as defer their rent.

3. Automated payment reminders and reports

Automate notifying tenants prior to the first of the month of an upcoming rental payment and invite them to submit beforehand. Also benefit from triggered alerts x days following the due date of a payment.

4. Seamlessly connect to your accounting platform

Double entry is a real concern for management companies today. We connect to major real-estate accounting software; Hopem Primmo, and Yardi Voyager, importing data from Excel. Offering convenience that is both turn-key and hassle-free is a major priority for us.

For more information on saving your operation time, money and energy, and offering tenants a better experience, contact us.

Written by Jonathan Margel – Co-founder @ Domum Link

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